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Biography of Panayotis Petrakis

Panayotis Petrakis is an exceptional actor, singer, dancer and performer…
In the previous season, he filled our afternoons and entered our homes with the tv series ''The Secrets of Eden''... He also gave us wonderful winter performances which took us to new worlds, by the side of Nina Lotsari in Casablanca Music Hall in the show "Flush Royal"…
Everyone, but especially the women adored him…This of course was to be expected, and not at all by chance, since apart from his talent, which is difficult to hide, he possesses other admirable qualities such as is his goodness, dignity, discretion, his positive energy, smile and of course the fact that he always has something good to say about everyone…Some people also recognize him and have adored him as Louka…I think the time has come for us all to learn about Panagiotis and his career so far:
Panagiotis Petrakis has roots from Rethymno in Crete, however he was born and raised in Halandri, Athens where he lives today. He doesn't like when there are imbalances in his life and he does whatever he can to make sure his life is always calm and balanced.
He was raised with a lot of love and he was always free to do whatever he wanted. His first dream, regarding his future career was when he announced to his parents at the age of five that he wanted to become a bishop.
Afterwards he was thinking of pursuing the following careers: reporter, lawyer, English teacher and designer. However, after the encouragement of his parents and teachers he decided to take the entrance exam to the Beaki Drama School.
Panagiotis was not content only with a degree at this school, so he decided to get his masters in musical theater, in New York, with a scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation.
Important milestones in his journey were:
• His collaboration with the 'Chorus (“Horika”)' by Zouzou Nikoloudi in the works "Ichneftes Satyrs" by Sophocles (Silenus) and "Trojan Women" by Euripides (Poseidon).
• His appearance as a soloist in the National Opera (Ethniki Liriki Skini) of Κ.Θ.Β.Ε. and Δ.Π.Θ. in Veria: «Follow the Fellow Who Follows a Dream».
• His presence in the operetta “The Apaches of Athens” of N. Xatziapostolou (Kleon) in the National Opera (Ethniki Liriki Skini).
The year 2001 was a landmark for him, as he was given the opportunity to travel to New York with the scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation to focus on his beloved theatrical genre, the musical. During his two year stay in the USA he took part in the performances “Copacabana, the musical” (Rico) “Some Enchanted Evening” by Rodgers & Hammerstein and “Camelot” (Lancelot).
When he returned to Greece, he participated in the musical for children “Night Flights”, “Once Upon a Time there was a Young Prince”, with the music of Tasi Hristogiannopoulos, in the Megaro Mousikis In Athens, the show “Frankenstein Rediculus” (Phantom of the Opera) in the “New Rialto” Theater, “Saturday Night Fever” (DJ Monty) in the Theater “Vembo”, “Erotic Games” (Mario) in “Park”, “Funny” (Eddy) in “Ilisia Denisi”, “Midia” of Bost (Euripides), tour 2007.
He has also participated in musical shows and concerts with Marinella, Taki Zaharatos, Nina Lotsari, etc. He has also had personal concerts in Greece and America. In 2005, he had the honor to be invited from the Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia, in order to sing in the gala of the foundation Lifeline which was sponsored by the princess herself.
In Tv he appeared in the shows “The Children of the Neighborhood” (Et1) “Jenny and Evanthia” (Alpha) “Ugly Maria” (Mega) and “The Secrets of Eden” (Mega).
In the winter of 2010, he cooperated with Mimi Plessa in the Musical Performance “Athens at Night” in the Lido Music Theater.
The audience voted for Panagiotis to be the winner on the “Just the Two of Us” Talent show in Mega, for a philanthropic reason together with Eleni Foureira.
28.10.2010-17.4.2011: He played the main role in the theatrical play: “Mary-Mary” (Theater Porta) in the role of Bob, together with Antigoni Drakoulaki (Mary), Manos Papagiannis (Derk), Evgenia Panagopoulou (Tiffany), and Isidoros Stamoulis (Oscar) (16.11.2010 was their official premiere).
Soon we are waiting very anxiously for his first cd, with cooperation with the musician Konstantino Pagiati, which will definitely be amazing and out of the ordinary.
Movie: “Dangerous Liaisons” by Stephen Frears
Book: “The Last of the Wine” by Mary Renault
CD: “Kol Haneshama” (My Soul) of Ofra Haza
His dream is to travel to Israel.
If you take a walk in Athens by the Acropolis you might meet him, as his favorite place in the center of Athens is the Acropolis.
In his free time he exercises and dances, his favorite dance being the flamenco.
After many hours of working he usually enjoys going out with a few good friends in a quiet café with a warm atmosphere.
If you go out to eat by Gkazi at the “Prosopa” or at the “Kitchen Bar” in Halandri you might see him as he loves multicultural cusine.
He also loves going to the movie theater, and his favorite actors are: Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Colin Farrel and Anthony Hopkins.
He graduated with honors at the Beaki School of Drama.
At the H.B. Studio in New York :
• Acting: Advanced Scene Study Carol Rosenfe W.
o Musical Theater: Elizabeth Hodes, Helen Gallgher
• Classical Music: Kostas Pashalis, Barbara Gavakou, Vaggelis Hatzisimos.
o Musical: Bill Zefsro, Antonis Armanis,
o Modern Music: Julie Massino
• Dancing: Broadway Dance Center (Jazz, Theater Dance), Choreography (Jazz, Modern) Solea, Eleni Giannopoulou (Flamenco)

Midea of Bost
(Euripides) directed by Stamatis Fasoulis, tour
Erotic Games of Eduardo Skarpeta
Mario Adaptation: Kostas Asimakopoulos, Directed by Giannis Diamantopoulos, Theater Park
Funny, musical of Isobel Lennart and Jule Styne
Eddy: Translation/Adaptation: Mimi Denisi, directed by Giannis Kakleas, Theater “Ilisia Denisi”

Saturday Night Fever: (DJ Monty) Direction-choreographies: Arlene Phillips, Leon Alderton, conducted by: Giorgos Theodosiadis (Theater “Vembo”)
“Frankenstein in Rediculus” of Martin Downing
“Phantom of the Opera,” Direction: Vladimir Kiriakidis, (Theatro Neo Rialto)
Marinella “Voice from Light”: a musical play with Marinella, as a singer-actress, direction: Stamatis Fasoulis, conducted by Giorgos Niarhos (Megaro Mousikis Athinon)
“My Voices:” A musical play with Takis Zaharatos, as a singer-dancer, direction: Dimitris Papazoglou, conducted by Nikos Danikas (Night Club “Medusa”)
“Night Flights,” “Once Upon a Time there was a Young Prince”…Dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, as a Pilot, music: Takis Hristogiannopoulos, direction: Thomas Moshopoulos, conducted by Miltos Logiadis (Megaro Mousikis Athinon)
“Copacabana,” the musical of Barry Manilow
“Rico:” direction-choreographies: Ken DeGori, conducted by Peter Suva, National Tour 2002, Wind-Wood Theatricals, USA
“Some Enchanted Evening:” Dedication to Rodgers and Hammerstein, as a soloist singer, direction-choreography: Casey Colgan, conducting: Stan Collins, Gary Wyatt, Show Place Theater, Florida, USA
“The Apaches of Athens” by N. Hatziapostolou (Kleon), Direction: Giorgos Remoundas, conductor: Giorgos Niarhos, Nea Skini National Opera, Theater “Acropol”
“Follow the Fellow who Follows a Dream:” Dedication to the American musical (1930-1970) as a soloist singer, direction: Giannis Karahisiaridis, musical direction: Giorgos Niarchos, National Opera, Κ.Θ.Β.Ε., Δ.Π.Θ. of Veria
“Captain Hook” (Peter Pan): Direction: Dimitris Ioannou, Δ.Π.Θ. Βέρροιας
“Troads of Euripides:” (Poseidon) choreography-direction: Zouzou Nikoloudi, Korai Damati, Gianna Philippopoulou, group “Choral” (Horika) Megaro Mousikis in Athens
Ichneftes-Satyrs of Sofocles (Silinos) choreographies-direction: Zouzou Nikoloudi, group “Choral”(Horika) “Open” Theater (Staium of Ancient Olympia)
“En Plo”: dedication to the poems of Andrea Embirikou, as an artist, choreographies-direction: Petros Gallias, Megaro Mousikis in Athens
Ugly Maria: Role: Paris (Guest), Mega
Jenny and Evanthia: role: Peter, scenario: Vasilis Nemeas, direction: Makis Petropoulos (Alpha TV)
The Children of the Neighborhood: Petros (protagonistic role), scenario-direction: Pavlos Parasxakis, (Et1)
“A night of musical splendor:” an American musical with piano and voice (American Embassy, Serbian Embassy sponsored by Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia, Euripideio Theater of Rematia)
Konstandinidis-Giannidis, “Antifaseis:” an overview of two musical worlds of the composer with piano and voice (Recital Room in the Musical Conservatory Phillipos Nakas).
“From Monteverdi to Musical:” cooperation with the Ethnic Odeio (Music Conservatory), Euripideio Theater Rematia
Artist's Award (Musical Theatre 2001),
Scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation
Foreign Languages
English (Proficiency), German (Grundstufe)
Source: artcom.gr

So this is who Panagiotis is, and these are all the reasons why we love him.. We love him exactly the way he is.

This page is dedicated to Panagiotis…to a person who always reminded us that there still are people with values, which is something very rare nowadays…He gave us strength, love, and of course we give him in return positive energy, love and with our presence…We will always be by his side.



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